Concerns When Considering a Conex Home

Controlling Temperature – Conex Boxes are made of metal. Metal is an excellent conductor of heat. Without properly insulating the home it may be unbearably hot in the summer and frigidly cold in the winter. Insulating the container reduces already limited usable space.

Oxidation – Some may argue that because Conex Boxes are made of metal they may also be prone to rust. However this may not be a huge concern due to the properties of the Corten Steel which holds up to weather extremely well.

Waste Hazards
Example of Hazardous Material stored in a Shipping Container

Harmful Contaminants – Because shipping containers were originally designed and used for shipping a wide variety of products and materials, there may be undetectable traces of hazardous chemicals present in used containers if not thoroughly stripped and cleaned.

Building Permits РCare must be taken to ensure that building codes and regulations enforced by your local authorities allow for constructing a Conex Home. Many neighborhoods have restrictions for such building materials. Check with your local building authorities before beginning your Conex Home.