I first decided to build a home out of shipping containers (Conex boxes) about 15 years ago. I watched a T.V. show about unusual building materials. One of the homes showcased was built out of Conex boxes by an architect and his wife. I was sold. I have never liked the cookie cutter homes most people live in in suburban America.

Conex On the Truck - Moving to New Location
Conex On the Truck – Moving to New Location

I have been planning my home in my head for years and have finally begun the process to complete the home of my dreams. With the popularity of shipping container homes growing there are literally thousands of websites, images and videos on the internet about shipping container homes. The purpose of ‘My Conex Home Blog’ is to provide my readers with a central location for the information and details that I have found and will find as I begin construction of my new home.

I look forward to sharing my experience as my home begins to take shape and maybe helping others along the way.